United Review Services delivers quality medical and disability cost management solutions to the insurance claims industry. For over 25 years we have worked with carriers, self-insurers, third party administrators, government, municipalities, health plans and other entities to contain the cost of medical and lost time claims.

Our goals are to assure that claimants receive the most effective medical care to which they are entitled in order to expedite their recovery and/or return to work, and that claims administrators receive timely and objective services and opinions to assist in the fair resolution of claims. We adhere to high standards of service, valuing positive working relationships with clients, providers, employees and claimants. United Review Services has built its reputation on service excellence and responsiveness to customer needs.

Uniquely able to handle casualty, disability and health benefits assignments, we offer a complete package of managed care programs for auto, health and workers' compensation clients. We provide Utilization Review, Medical and Disability Case Management, Independent Medical Exams and Medical Bill Auditing services, and also specialize in services to assist the litigation and SIU teams in bringing cases to settlement or furthering the investigation of cases of medical fraud.

Our URAC and HIPAA compliant Utilization Management programs provide employees and insurers with easy access through toll-free numbers to trained RNs who approve care according to nationally recognized standards for treatment and length of stay. In New Jersey, our State-certified Decision Point Review Program manages treatment for automobile injuries according to mandated treatment protocols or Care Paths. For workers’s compensation clients we offer a First Call Care Management Program which facilitates appropriate medical care and a prompt and safe return to work by managing the first critical months of treatment following an injury. Our specialized R.N. Case Managers actively manage serious and catastrophic medical and disability cases both telephonically and in the field. As part of our Medical Case Management Programs we also provide Medical Necessity Reviews, Discharge Planning and Continued Stay Review, Lifetime Medical Cost Projections, MSA Allocations and other specialized services.

Our national panel of over 10,000 independent board-certified physicians and dentists performs Independent Medical and Dental Exams and Peer Reviews in all lines of coverage. United Review Services' IME Coordinators closely manage each assignment to ensure a thorough and timely result. Each report is reviewed by a Nurse Reviewer to make sure all referral questions are fully and accurately addressed. With carefully credentialed physicians, timely appointments and ongoing quality assurance, we provide a complete, independent IME solution.

To achieve savings of over $10.00 per $1.00 spent on services, our Hospital Bill and Provider Bill Auditing Program relies not only upon regularly updated fee schedules, coding and R&C data, but also on a clinical audit by a specialized R.N. The audit addresses medical appropriateness, fee unbundling, documentation issues and other factors. Most audit results are finalized with the hospital's or provider's agreement. Our programs feature prompt turnaround time, defensible audit findings and a specialized staff of R.N.s experienced in bill auditing.

United Review Services is a privately held, fully insured corporation with offices in Piscataway, New Jersey and field staff located throughout New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and other areas nationally.


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